3DmeApp | stuffed animals
Photo studio with augmented reality

Scan the me!Humanity stuffed animals to incorporate them in the real world using augmented reality. You’ll be able to edit and share your creations.

A construction game with a Unicorn touch, designed to develop the creativity, interaction and manual work of children.

me!Humanity is a collection of characters created to highlight and promote our human emotions and the way we connect with each other.

For this product launch, our clients wanted something that would set them apart. So, we worked on creating an app that included photo editing and the creation of social content.

We didn’t want to change anything about the plush toy characters, so we configured our augmented reality scanner to recognize them and incorporate them in the children’s creations.

The app allows 9 of the stuffed animals to be scanned and placed into any scene, where they can be photographed.


Units Sold


Social Sharing


by the Press

The level of exposure we were able to obtain at toy fairs doubled our sales at fairs. We were able to reach blog publications, Youtube unboxings, and other audiences that were hard to reach.


Age range3+
Number of players: 1
Description: With the goal of encouraging diversity, each me! is unique. In order to proudly show them off, the dolls can be connected to an app that allows users to make super fun postcards.

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