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Developing Technology and Augmented Reality
together with industry leaders

What do we offer?

We’ll add digital features to your games without affecting the manufacturing process.

Our technology combines traditional games with mobile apps including Augmented Reality and Video Games. Kids come first. That’s why our dynamics strengthen group dynamics, develop social skills, and encourage the responsible use of technology.

Be unique

Having that digital touch will differentiate you from your competitors, help your games stand out on the shelves, and make toy vendors want to display your technology.

Improve your sales pitch

Products with technology are easier to sell. Find the balance between what parents and children want.

Zero stress

We’ll take care of the entire digital process, no administration required. If you already have a digital team of your own, our support team will be available to them 24/7.

Solutions for:


Digital Value

Add value to your brand, give it the digital touch it needs, add tools to your sales pitch.

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APPs become physical.

We’ll add technology to your toys in a simple and organic way without affecting the production process.

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Case Studies:

Designed to stimulate creativity, create new settings, and bring augmented reality to life. It’s a mix between construction and interaction.

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Case Studies:
The Explorers

We took what’s best about board games: sitting around the table, the fun of game time, taking turns, and strategy. We incorporated all of those things with a mobile application that uses video games and card scanning.

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Case Studies:

Scan the me!Humanity stuffed animals to incorporate them in the real world using augmented reality. You’ll be able to edit and share your creations.

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Case Studies:
Unicorn Game Club

Augmented Reality Club. Convert any place into a game setting

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Unicorn’s dynamics have added digital value to our toys that has improved the game experience for children.

About Unicorn

Our technologies build a bridge between the physical world and apps. We are specialists in how children relate with technology. That’s why we focus on tech toys.

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